Low-Energy Emulsification: Beyond Energy Conversation

May 6, 2003 | By: T. Joseph Lin, PhD, Consulting Chemical Engineer
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Title: Low-Energy Emulsification: Beyond Energy Conversation
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Today's recurring blackouts and power shortage in California are a painful reminder that energy conservation is still important even in a wealthy nation like America. Two years after the world-wide oil crisis of 1974, I first presented the concept of Low-Energy Emulsification (LEE) at the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC) meeting in New York. Since then, LEE has helped cosmetic manufacturers around the world process a wide range of emulsidfied skin- and hair-care products and color cosmetics, including facial creams, moisturizing lotions, hair conditioners and fluid makeups. LEE can also be used to process many non-emulsion products like shampoos and hair gels with considerable energy saving.