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Comparatively Speaking: Types of Flow Behavior

The following excerpt is adapted from an article by Kelly Dobos of Kao Corp. that discusses fluid viscosity of cosmetic products, specifically types of flow behavior, which can be used by the formulator to determine the rheological properties of formulations.

Comparatively Speaking: Alkoxylation vs. Ethenification

Industry expert Tony O'Lenick discusses the difference between alkoxylation and ethenification; for one, while the two are related, ethenification uses an ester as the reactant rather than alcohol.

Comparatively Speaking: Homopolymer vs. Periodic vs. Statistical Copolymers

Tony O'Lenick discusses the differences between types of copolymers including: homopolymer, periodic (block) and statistical (random) and grafted.

Comparatively Speaking: Linear vs. Branched vs. Dendrimer Polymer Structures

Industry expert Tony O'Lenick explains the difference between polymer structures, the simplest being a linear chain with a single backbone, then increasing in complexity with one or more side chains or branches. Special types of branched polymers include dendrimers.

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