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Compass: For the Love of Formulating

This issue of Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine extends to readers an assorted bouquet of fresh topics to consider for the love of formulating.

Technically Speaking: UV Protection for Sensitive Skin

The following column discusses the latest technological advancements in the fields of hair care, skin care, oral care, sunscreen, color cosmetics and more.

Technically Speaking: Peptides in Hydrocolloids to Gel and Viscosify

This column discusses recent technology surrounding peptides in hydrocollids to gel and viscosify.

EXCLUSIVE! Comparatively Speaking: Natural vs. Nature-identical Fragrance By Tony O'Lenick

Tony O’Lenick asks: What is the difference between a “natural" and a so-called “nature-identical" fragrance? Steve Herman provides the answers.

Emulsion Word Search

Industry expert Ken Klein presents this emulsion formulating brain teaser.

Comparatively Speaking: Oleophilic vs. Siliphilic

Industry expert Tony O'Lenick explains the difference between oleophilic and siliphilic.

Bench & Beyond: The Global Look of Cosmetic Patents

This column highlights various cosmetic patents throughout the years. It should serve as a guide for future innovation.

Technically Speaking: Moisturization

This column discusses new ingredients that can be formulated into moisturizing personal care products. In addition, interesting new formulas for moisturizing products are also discussed.

Comparatively Speaking: Fatty Surfactant vs. Fluoro Surfactant

Industry expert Tony O'Lenick asks: What is the difference between a fatty surfactant and a fluoro surfactant? Bruce Baker of ICT Chemicals Inc. provides the answer.

Technically Speaking: Antiaging

This column describes EPDME as a useful cosmetic ingredient that can give a good skin care effect in both water-based formulas and oil-based formulas, and its polarity can be controlled easily.

Comparatively Speaking: Sun Protection vs. Broad Spectrum Protection

Industry expert Tony O’Lenick asks: What is the difference between sun protection and broad spectrum protection? Olga V. Dueva-Koganov of Ciba provides the answer.

An Antimicrobial Deodorant

In recent years, in response to increased consumer demand for antiperspirants with deodorant functions, the antiperspirant deodorant market has expanded. Accordingly, each company is energetically doing research on body odor and developing antiperspirants.

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