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New Raw Materials Encyclopedia

The New Raw Materials Encyclopedia is a collection of the latest ingredients and mixtures launched by suppliers in the industry.

Technically Speaking: Adjustable Sunless Tanning and Other Topics

The following column discusses innovations surrounding the sunless tanning segment in addition to other topics.

Solubility vs. Partition Coefficient

Tony O’Lenick asks: What is the difference between solubility and partition coefficient? Valerio Vergani of Akoot Italia Srl provides the answer.

Bis-PEG vs. PEG dimethicone

Tony O’Lenick examines the difference between bis-PEG dimethicone and PEG dimethicone.

Technically Speaking: Solid Lipid Nanoparticles in Sunscreens and Other Topics

The following column provides technical and regulatory updates in sunscreens, oral care, makeup and packaging, among other topics.

Technically Speaking: Tooth Bleaching and Other Topics

The following column provides technical and regulatory updates in sunscreens, oral care, hair care and skin and skin care, among other topics.

Oil Wetting vs. Water Wetting

Industry expert Tony O'lenick explains the difference between oil wetting and water wetting.

Melt Point vs. Titer Point

Industry expert Tony O’Lenick explores the difference between melt point and titer point.

Technically Speaking: Medicinal Herbs for Antiaging and Other Topics

The following column discusses new technology in the antiaging field. Also included are new formulations in hair color, new formulations in makeup, and other notable formulations.

Compass: New Tricks

In the spirit of reformulating, this issue features five suggestions for improvement in major categories of personal care—from hair dyeing and strengthening, to delivering actives, formula stability and preservation.

Technically Speaking: Formulation Technologies and Other Topics

This column discusses the latest technology surrounding skin care, hair care, oral care, AP/DEO and sunscreen formulation. In addition, interesting raw material introductions for the personal care industry are also reviewed.

EC Launches Funding Council for Scientific Grants

A pan-European funding agency that uses peer review to award grants for basic research was launched yesterday at a conference in Berlin..

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