The Latest in Skin Science: A Periodical Review

May 1, 2006 | Contact Author | By: Martin Rieger, PhD
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Title: The Latest in Skin Science: A Periodical Review
moisturizationx lipidsx glycerinx humectancyx desquamationx barrier functionx sunscreenx
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Keywords: moisturization | lipids | glycerin | humectancy | desquamation | barrier function | sunscreen

Abstract: In this article, the author reviews recent literature introduced as recommended reading for cosmetic chemists interested in skin care topics such as moisturization, response to stress, penetration and aging.

In recent months, two important reviews have been included in dermatological literature and they are recommended reading for cosmetic chemists. The first of these deals with the research of skin moisturization. It has been known for about 50 years that water is required for skin softness and that the skin’s water content plays a significant role in its suppleness. Throughout the years, the term moisturization has crept slowly into cosmetic and dermatological literature, but its definition remains operational. Thus a moisturizer is a substance or a product that overcomes the signs and symptoms of dry skin.