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Patent Pick: Putting a 'Hex' on UVA and Heat

Sunscreen developers walk a fine line between protection and transparency, mainly due to the laws of physics. The inventors on this patent defy these laws with a transparent, effective and heat-releasing form of hexagonal prism-shaped ZnO particles.

A Good Night’s Sleep Can Put Years on Your Face

Goesel Anson, MD, FACS, of Ansen, Edwards & Higging, Plastic Surgery Associates, conducted a review on wrinkle development and biomechanical changed occurring during sleep.

DSM’s New Methodology Aids in Visualization of Skin Moisturization

This personal care company has developed a new way for the industry to visualize the effectiveness of epidermal skin science.

From the Cosmetics’ Perspective: Can We Trust Current Criteria to Diagnose Atopic Dermatitis?

A fascinating look at the criteria for identifying atopic dermatitis, with a review of the most cited research into this condition.

Hyaluronic Acid Intensified: Cross-linking Improves Stability, Functionality

To enhance the functionality and stability of topical high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HA), derivatives were developed using divinyl sulfone as a cross-linker. The cross-linked HA gels formed were assessed as described here in terms of water-binding capacity, delivery of actives and stability against heat, free radicals, other chemicals and pH changes, and compared with non-cross-linked native HA.

For the Love of Microbes: Pigments with Super Powers

They're at it again. Microbes are spreading—but not to our blacklist, as once before. They've flagellated their way into our hearts as their powers are used for good, not evil—in this case, as producers of pigments having bonus antioxidant and antimicrobial benefits, as a new study describes.

Patent Pick: Holding Out on Hydration

Kimberly-Clark inventors have been holding out; holding out hydration, that is. In this patent application, emulsions are described that form a film to prevent excessive hydration and, in turn, occupational dermatitis.

Patent Pick: Light-activated, Polymeric 'Miracle'

At one time, wrinkle removal meant invasive measures. Topically, we've come a long way—camouflaging, reflecting and cross-linking wrinkles from view. That's where this L'Oreal invention fits in.

Touchscreen Skin: The Next Wearable?

Are we closer to an e-Skin reality? The market may be ready. But is the technology?

10 Reasons the Global At-Home Beauty Device Market is Growing

With the market for at-home beauty devices continuing to grow, here are the top 10 factors for its escalating status.

Skin Care Gets a Good Rub Down: The Role Massage Plays in Cosmetic and Skin Care

Dermatologists often recommend rubbing when applying topicals. Available research suggests that rubbing can significantly affect absorption rates of some chemicals. However, data on the effect rubbing has on cosmetic and skin care formulations is lacking. Thus, rubbing is one variable influencing the efficacy of cosmetic and skin care ingredient chemistry that awaits in-depth evaluation.

What is Light? A Brief History of Light and Its Behavior

This primer provides cosmetic scientists, engineers and physicists with an understanding of light. The quantum mechanics of history continue today as a guiding paradigm for computers, satellites and mobile communications, in addition to the cosmetically related fields of photoprotection and visual effects imparted through makeup to change appearance.

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