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Patent Pick: Placating Intolerant Skin

Sensitive skin is irritating to the wearer, and in some cases the formulator, but Beiersdorf inventors have discovered an ingredient that placates irritated skin: alkylamidothiazoles.

Testing the Fate (and Exposure) of Cosmetic Ingredients

Risk and exposure go hand-in-hand. So when researchers dared to publish a new method to assess the exposure and fate of cosmetic ingredients, we couldn't help but give them exposure, in this review.

How Cephalopods Became Nature’s Master of Cosmetics

Cephalopods possess reflectin proteins, which is unique in the animal kingdom. Roger Hanlon, Ph.D., of Brown University spoke during the biomimicry session at the IFSCC Congress on inspirations like these from nature to inspire the development of color cosmetics.

LVMH Proves: Age Really is a State of Mind

During the IFSCC 2016 Congress, LVMH researcher Héloise Vergnaud presented her company's work on skin sagging and panelist reactions and emotional associations to it. Her results show how age really is a mindset.

Witch Hazel: The 'Potion' to Produce Silver Nanoparticles

Healing skin takes more than a little hocus pocus. New work describes the use of witch hazel to produce silver nanoparticles, which are known for wound repair properties.

Study Suggests Good Bugs are Fairly Resilient

The results of a new study from the University of California and Colgate are every germaphobe's worst nightmare: you can't wash all the microbes away. But really, it's a good thing. It shows how tough the good guys, who have our backs, are.

Bee Venom is Back in the Buzz

Bee venom is back, this time with data. According to a thesis from the University of Strathclyde, previous reports of its effects were anecdotal and incomplete. Now there's science backing it; especially in terms of safety.

Patent Pick: Calculated Fragrancing

Ask any perfumer and they'll tell you: perfumery is an art. Just like cosmetic formulating is a craft. Now, P&G scientists are putting this creative process to modeling—not to take away its "soul," but to optimize it.

Hitting a Moving Target: Skin

These authors were on a mission: to determine how accurate models that simulate real skin movement really are. While forensics or biomedicine especially benefit from these technologies, so too could cosmetic efficacy testing and claims substantiation.

How Social Media is Shaping Product Development

Tracking, interpreting and responding to emerging trends requires new business models. Is the industry ready?

Perking Up Skin: Green Coffee Promotes Barrier Recovery, Turn Over and Lightening

Key points: Epidermal barrier recovery and the desquamation of dead corneocytes reinvigorate aged skin. Hyperpigmentation accumulates as skin ages. A green coffee bean extract was tested here and found to address these issues.

Study Shows How Eczema is Genetic

A study published in Genome Biology and Evolution found that atopic dermatitis (eczema) is likely to hitchhike a ride with mutated hornerin and make the skin disease genetic.

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