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Study Shows How Eczema is Genetic

A study published in Genome Biology and Evolution found that atopic dermatitis (eczema) is likely to hitchhike a ride with mutated hornerin and make the skin disease genetic.

Patent Pick: Milder Yet Surfactant-ier?

Something doesn't add up here. How can Unilever researchers create milder products using higher amounts of surfactant? Read about it in this patent.

Acne or Aging? Pick Your Poison

Researchers at King's College London are onto something: the silver lining to acne—no really, there is one. In a recent study, individuals afflicted by acne were found to have longer telomeres, which can protect skin from aging.

Patent Pick: Solving the Efficacy vs. Irritation Equation

Consumers want it all; products that will clean the "s" right off of "skin" but reinforce its barrier, leaving skin hydrated and undisturbed. Is that even possible? The inventors on this Gojo Industries patent believe so.

Skin Acts as a Shape-shifter

New research from Lund University in Sweden has uncovered skin's secret to transforming under various environmental conditions.

Patent Pick: Taking Oily Skin and Pores 'Lightly'

L'Oréal inventors are taking oily skin and pores lightly, literally, in this patent that describes a dual approach using light exposure plus topical hollow particles to treat hyperseborrhoea.

Nanoceria Leaves Free Radicals Singing the Blues

In new work published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, researchers found that a blue-tinted nano cerium oxide (nanoceria) acted as a potent free radical scavenger. But why blue? The answer isn't clear.

Big Data with a Grain of Salt

Now that we’re tallying up results from intricate tests of genetic up- and down-regulation, alterations in our body’s microbiome and neuron response patterns for product likes/dislikes, we have to be careful.

Study Uncovers Genetic Predispositions to Skin Cancer

Basal cell carcinoma is the most common cancer worldwide, with an annual incidence of 2.8 million cases in the United States alone. A recent study found 31 genetic markers for the disease, 14 of which were identified for the first time.

Acne Meets Germ Theory Meets the iPhone in Telegermatology Study

Patients can take part in the research regardless of location, using medications and iPhones shipped personally to them.

Study Reveals Pathogen Resistance is Sexy

I love the the smell of a man who doesn't stink; who takes time to wash and apply deodorant. Apparently I'm not alone. In fact, according to a new study, pathogen-prevalent regions see increases in consumer grooming time to give an air of pathogen-resistance and attract mates.

Patent Pick: Seeing the World Through Rose-colored, Circadian-correcting Glasses

The fantasy world of cotton candy trees and rainbow unicorns may be one step closer to reality. For any nay-sayer who thinks 'wellness' is a bunch of hooey, this patent application will bring things into focus for you.

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