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Burt's Bees Launches Natural Campaign

"Natural Vs." campaign seen as a broader consumer educational effort on natural personal care products..

Natural, Smatural…What Does it Mean and Do We Want it Defined?

Natural products have been the force behind a major trend in cosmetics and personal care but there are still no regulations that govern the use of the word natural.

Burt's Bees Defines Natural

Burt's Bees has announced that it will work with other beauty industry companies to develop a standard for natural personal care products.

Cognis Classifies Green Products

Cognis Care Chemicals has created “Green Chemical Solutions”, a new classification system based on product specific data.

Organic Cosmetic Standards: A New Formulation Challenge

The popularity of the Ecocert cosmetic standards and the publication of the NSF standards have increased the complexity of the organic cosmetic landscape. This article reviews organic standards in cosmetics and contrasts how to formulate products based on Ecocert vs. NSF standards.

Organic Food Inspector Sets Standards for Organic Personal Care

The Organic Farmers & Growers (OF&G), a UK-based organic food inspector and licensor, has established a standard for organic cosmetics and body care.

Regulatory Review: Canada's Personal Care Natural Health Product Regulations

The only things that are “natural,” are earth, wind and fire. Marketers know that, with the exception of animal skin, natural sells, be it food, cosmetics or clothing. But what happens if a government declares a product to be a “natural health product?"

Naturals Alliance Formed in Brussels

A naturals alliance was recently formed in Brussels in preparation for the new REACH regulation.

Regulation for Organic Personal Care

A task force headed by the National Standards Foundation is expected to launch standards for organic personal care products by Summer 2007.

Natural Preservatives

Traditional methods of preservation, such as those used in the food industry and some available from natural plants, suggest a natural preservative system whose components are already available to the formulator.

Desert Whale Renews Organic Certification

Desert Whale Jojoba Co. Inc. announced the renewal of its QAI organic certification.

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