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Staking a Claim

The bottom line for any company is to make a profit, and one of the most obvious and visible ways to do this is to claim that their product provides everything the consumer wants.

Claims Support Literature Review-Part I, Skin Care

This article is the first in a several-part series focusing on claim support. Part 1, published here, centers around aloe barbadensis gel, AHAs, antimicrobials, biopeptides, Coenzyme Q-10, diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid, evening primrose oil, flavonoi

Claim Support Literature Review-Part IV, Skin Physiology and Properties

This article is the fourth in a series focusing on claim support. This installment focuses on research in skin physiology in relation to blood circulation, cell turnover, collagen formation, sebum regulation, enzymes, photodamage and wrinkles and line reduction.

Establishing the Dividing Line: Is Your Product a Drug?

To avoid regulatory penalties, a company developing an OTC product must institute properly administered shelf-life testing programs as an integral part of its product development and marketing efforts.

Claims Support Literature Review-Part III, Hair Care

This article is the third in series focusing on claim support. Part 3, published here, focuses on cationic polymers, polyquaternium hair conditioning, alkaline hair relaxers, protein kinase C, cationic surfactants, penetration pathways, hair swelling and

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