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Head and Shoulders Above the Rest: Emerging Trends and Regulatory Hurdles in Bath and Body

Is the average consumer more concerned about their body above the shoulders? Are they unwilling to spend more on bath and body because there's no big difference between products, despite the price point? Explore this and more with us.

VIDEO: Is there a Future for Hand Sanitizers?

In this third video in a series, David C. Steinberg predicts the outlook for future consumer hand sanitizers in light of the FDA's triclosan ruling.

EFfCI Brings Animal-testing Actions Before U.K. Courts

Court says EU law makes no distinction depending on where the animal testing was carried out.

VIDEO: Will the Triclosan Ban Leave Us Empty-handed?

Triclosan got the FDA's boot earlier this month. So now what? In this second installment of our video series, David Steinberg continues the discussion.

VIDEO: Triclosan Ban, The Backstory

Triclosan got the FDA's boot earlier this month, but why? In this interview with David Steinberg, C&T gets the backstory.

Antibacterial Soap? You Can Skip It, Says FDA

The FDA is issuing a final rule under which OTC consumer antiseptic wash products containing the majority of the antibacterial active ingredients—including triclosan and triclocarban—will no longer be able to be marketed.

Does Your PIF Comply?

Does your PIF comply? European Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 requires that a Product Information File (PIF) be completed and kept updated for each cosmetic product placed on the EU market. What should it contain? Find out here.

SCCS Gives Cyclopentasiloxane Thumbs Up for Safety, Mostly

The Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) has determined that cyclopentasiloxane (D5) is safe at the reported concentrations in cosmetics, except for use in hair styling aerosols and sun care spray products.

Tattoos, Permanent Makeup and Regulatory Uncertainty

As tattooing has surged in popularity, so have incidences of injury and infection. The industry has begun to consider if and how the ingredients used in tattooing should be regulated.

Is ‘Anti-pollution’ Just a Ruse?

Remember "naturals?" Where did they lead us? In some cases, to benefit-infused natural products but in others, to greenwashing and chemical-free claims. Enter anti-pollution.

CTPA on Brexit: 'Refrain from Hasty Actions'

While the BBC recently explained "all that citizens need to know" about the U.K. departure from the EU, the cosmetics industry should know the implications, too. Emma Meredith, Ph.D., of the UK-based CTPA, explains what is and isn't known.

Sunscreen Saga Continues, Thanks to EWG

The FDA and PCPC came to the industry's defense this week, when the Environmental Working Group called out sunscreen makers for adding anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients to products, to allegedly "mask" signs of sunburn and falsify SPF ratings.

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