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REACH Update: ECHA Urges Companies to Organize SIEFs

In a fact sheet dated Apr. 24, 2009, the ECHA reminded REACH preregistrants that it is urgent to become involved in SIEF activities as soon as possible since deadlines for registration are extremely tight.

International Groups Unite to Develop Animal Alternatives

Global efforts to promote alternatives to animal testing were united at the April 27, 2009, meeting in Brussels via the signing of an agreement by international bodies.

FDA Recalls Nail Polish Remover After Burn Reports

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a statement recalling of Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover due to a possible health risk.

Recent ATPs and Their Effect in the EU and Abroad

The recast of the directive, known as the 8th Amendment, has been proposed. This amendment currently is in review by the European Parliament and Council of Ministers. If an agreement is reached, the personal care industry will see many sweeping changes, as reported in the June 2008 edition of this column.

REACH Update: Establishing REACH Penalties

EU member states are expected to establish penalties for anticipated REACH infringements and ensure their implementation. Since the deadline to establish penalities has passed with only partial participation, the ECHA has provided a forum to assist member states with this process.

The Council Urges US to Eliminate Mexican Tariffs

The Personal Care Products Council has issued a statement urging the United States to eliminate tariffs imposed by Mexico on products such as makeup, skin care, hair care and more.

Organic and Natural: Caveat Emptor

Previous columns have discussed Canadian Natural Health Products regulations but have steered clear of the natural and organic debate, although this author previously published an article that debates animal versus vegetable ingredients, in which he explains that a chemical is a chemical regardless of its origin; a molecule of glycerin is just that, whether from natural sources like animal or vegetable fat, or from petroleum or biodiesel sources.

FDA and Academia: Institutions to Collaborate Under Nanotech Initiative

Over-arching goals have spurred a collaboration to develop safe and effective nano-engineered products. While these efforts concentrate on medical use, implications for personal care are on the horizon.

SIEF Activities for an Impending Deadline

In order to avoid duplication of tests, the REACH regulation requires the exchange of data among the potential registrants in a substance information exchange forum (SIEF). The European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) has published a methodology to facilitate the start of the activities required by the SIEF and a project schedule.

Council Responds to Chemical Concern Surrounding Baby Product Chemicals

The council considered the two chemicals "trace" or extremely low in personal care products. In addition, it found that the percentages are below established regulatory limits or safety thresholds and are not a cause for health concern.

Today's the Day: Animal Testing Ban Initiated in Europe

Today, March 11, 2009, two bans enter into force concerning animal testing for cosmetics products sold in the European Union. The first bans the testing of ingredients on animals while the second bans the sale of cosmetic products containing ingredients tested on animals.

SCCP Questions Triclosan Percentages in Mouthwash and Leave-ons

According to the committee, the ingredient is not safe at the given concentration in mouthwashes and leave-on products such as body lotion due to a higher absorption rate.

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