Polyquaternium-55: A New Force in Styling Products

May 6, 2003 | By: J Dallal, ISP
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Title: Polyquaternium-55: A New Force in Styling Products
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Many regionso f the world are experiencing an increased number of consumers who express themselves with enhanced hairstyles, especially with hair color and "chameleon" styling. These men and women work with their hair on a regular basis and have a keen awareness of the condition of their hair. They see that the more their hair is treated, whether chemically, by sun exposure, swimming or mechanical grooming (towel drying, blow-drying, hot irons, braiding, etc.), the more damaged and difficult to style and handle the hair becomes. The consumer doesn't need amino acid or tensile analysis to measure the extent of damage; they can "feel" the effect of damage on their hair iwht just their hands or brush during every stage of styling from shampooing, through conditioning, styling and finishing.

Polyquaternium-55 is a multifunctional and hydrophobically modified polymer to provide a smooth, moisturized feel.