Recent Polymer Technologies for Hair Care

November 1, 2005 | Contact Author | By: Bernice Ridley and Colleen M. Rocafort, Ciba Specialty Chemicals; Julie Shlepr, Julie Castner and Dale Willis, Noveon Inc.; M. Creamer, A. Keenan, M. Merlau Johnson, A. Kar, A. Nakatani, D. Routzahn
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Title: Recent Polymer Technologies for Hair Care
Hair and hair carex polymersx resinsx stylingx conditioningx rheologyx
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Keywords: Hair and hair care | polymers | resins | styling | conditioning | rheology

Abstract: More than 20 polymers from seven companies are reviewed in this survey of recent polymer technologies for hair care. A variety of new functions and multifunctionalities are seen in these products launched within the past two years.

Today’s hair care polymers offer a range of functionalities, such as color enhancement, hair strengthening, antiaging, sun protection, color retention and moisturization. It is hard to beat the old standbys: styling, conditioning and rheology modification.

In this roundup of recent polymer technologies for hair care, seven companies and more than a score of authors report on the claims, tests and functionalities of two dozen polymers. Full-length versions of these roundup reports can be accessed at www. Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine thanks these contributors and hopes this roundup will help you identify new possibilities from polymers.