PFPE Phosphate: A Multifunctional Material

May 6, 2003 | By: Giovanni Pantini and Rossella Ingoglia, Ausimont SpA; and Fabio Brunetta, Kalis
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Title: PFPE Phosphate: A Multifunctional Material
perfluropolyetherx phosphatex water/oilx repellencyx waterx resistance of sunscreensx skin irritationx microbialx challengex emulsionx
  • Article

Chemical modification of the Z-type perfluoropolyether by introducing phosphate groups yields a multifunctional material useful for preparing aqueous solutions, hydrogels and emulsions. IN this article, we discuss the material's formulation guidelines, and report results of tests on its water/oil repellency, its water resistance, its skin irritation and its antimicrobial activity.