Cyclic-free Silicone Emulsifier for W/O Emulsions

June 12, 2009 | Contact Author | By: Katie Schaefer
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Title: Cyclic-free Silicone Emulsifier for W/O Emulsions
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Grant Industries has launched a cyclic-free silicone emulsifier for w/o emulsions. Gransurf 50C (INCI: Dimethicone (and) PEG/PPG-18/18 Dimethicone) is 50% active and uses a special grade of low viscosity dimethicone as its preferred solvent. According to the company, the emulsifier is especially useful in liquid foundations where it assists in dispersing color pigments.

The emulsifier also functions as a wetting agent for pigments and as a coupling agent for emollients, moisturizers and sunscreens. It is recommended for formulas that contain silicone oils and gels at 5-35%. In addition, the ingredient is: concentrated for low use level, cost effective, a versatile emulsifier for silicones, and is cyclic-free.