Asian Shrub Extract for Skin Microcirculation

February 27, 2012 | By: Katie Schaefer
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Title: Asian Shrub Extract for Skin Microcirculation
  • Article

At In-Cosmetics in Barcelona, Spain, Gattefossé will introduce an Asian shrub extract that stimulates microcirculation for improved skin radiance. Gatuline Radiance (INCI: Not Provided), is a fruit extract of Evodia rutaecarpa, a fast-growing shrub in Asia. The extract boosts microcirculation to restore a healthy look to skin and maintain an even skin tone.

Through an in vivo Doppler laser measurement, the extract was shown to increase blood flow to skin. It has been tested in vivo versus a placebo under normal conditions of use. In addition to boosting microcirculation, the extract improves texture and luminosity.

The extract can be used in skin care for both men and women of every age. It is recommended in facial skin care and makeup applications, but can also be formulated into anti-aging, moisturizing, whitening and energizing skin care. In addition, its microcirculation activity can be adapted to address cellulite or hair loss.