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Almost Magic

As I write this, I have just made a bold appearance in Rio de Janeiro; and no, this has nothing to do with topless beaches. At the 2013 IFSCC Conference, colleagues were surprised by my feisty new auburn hair color, formerly a light blonde. In fact, some did not recognize me. My bold appearance even made its way into a media demonstration at the L’Oréal Research Center, although to show hair damage, but still. . . Cosmetics & Toiletries' latest collection of articles is also all about appearances.

Sederma's Biotech Institute Identifies New Active: Irbic Acid

A new bioactive molecule from the Centella asiatica plant, irbic acid, has been discovered by researchers at Sederma’s Instituto di Ricerche Biotecnologiche (IRB).

A Comprehensive Approach to Replacing DEA in Formulations

Once California added diethanolamine to the list of regulated chemicals in personal care formulations under Proposition 65, chemists immediately sought out surfactants that were free of DEA. Here is presented a roadmap for identifying the right solution to replace DEA-containing surfactants in personal care products.

Essential Ingredients Creates Water-soluble Salicylic Gel for Skin Care

Essential Ingredients has created a 40% salicylic acid gel that is safe, stable, effective and meets the United States Pharmacopeia's Salicylic Acid Gel Monograph.

Innospec Adds to Benzoate Ester Line By Addressing Benzyl Benzoate and Sustainability

Innospec has introduced two new variants of its benzoate ester Finsolv TN (INCI: C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate), a more sustainable version and one that is lower in benzyl benzoate.

Enriched Shea Extract to Target ZAG for Anti-cellulite Effects

In humans, the ZAG protein is a modulator of fat mobilization. The present paper identifies an unroasted shea butter extract, enriched in viminalol esters, as a stimulator of ZAG expression and secretion by keratinocytes in vitro. Further, a complex containing the extract is shown to significantly improve the appearance of cellulite within 28 days of application in a clinical setting.

Isopentyldiol for Improved Sensory, Formulation and Manufacturing Benefits

A novel safe hydrotrope and wetting agent with exceptional skin feel is evaluated here for its solvent power and versatility in cosmetic formulas. Key features examined are sensory properties, hair feel modification and improvement of foam performance in skin cleansers.

Elevance Enters Personal Care with Plant-based Polymers and Emollients

Elevance Renewable Sciences Inc. has entered personal care with Elevance Smooth, a line of plant-based multifunctional polymers, and Elevance Soft, a line of plant-based emollients.

Induchem and Biomod Collaborate for Skin Whitening Gloves

At in-cosmetics Asia, Induchem presented its collaboration with Biomod on whitening and advanced rejuvenation skin care gloves.

TRI-K Combines Soy and Wheat for Alternative to Animal Keratin

TRI-K has launched a vegetable-based alternative to animal keratin to increase hair strength and elasticity for reduced breakage in hair.

Croda Introduces Ether-based Emollient for Aesthetic Tailoring

Croda Inc. has introduced the first in a line of sensory-driven emollients.

Jeen Launches Line of Thickeners for Cosmetics

Jeen International Corp. has launched a line of thickeners for personal care products.

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