A Review of Current Sunscreen Formulation Techniques and Technology

May 6, 2003 | Contact Author | By: Ken Klein
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Title: A Review of Current Sunscreen Formulation Techniques and Technology
UVAx UVB absorbencyx water resistancex active ingredientsx emulsifierx preservative systemx formulationx
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Keywords: UVA | UVB absorbency | water resistance | active ingredients | emulsifier | preservative system | formulation

Abstract: The author reviews several sunscreen formulations currently on the market and discusses their effectiveness and formulation strategies.

Developing a modern sunscreen formulation requires a good mix of science and art. Sunscreen products are now far more efficient, cost effective, water resistant, elegant and safe than the choices available a few short years ago. However, one must not overlook the input of our marketing friends. They are the ones who often identify or create the trends that send us back to our laboratory benches for a scientific hocus-pocus.

This article includes ingredient listings for several popular sunscrenn products recently sold by major manufacturers in the United States. I will analyze each of these products and attempt to uncover the rationale for the use of the major components.