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Organic and Natural Set for Major Growth

The natural and organic cosmetics market it set to reach nearly US$7 billion in 2007. It is also set to reach US$10 billion by 2010.

Growth for Naturals

Organic Monitor continues to forecast growth in natural and organic products, but lack of regulation could dampen the market, set to reach US$7 billion in 2007.

CCP Launches Hair Care Formulated with Keravis

Continental Consumer Products has launched a natural line of hair care.

Japan Sides with Ancient Recipes Over New Innovation

Instead of seeking out new raw materials for natural and organic products, Japanese cosmetics firms are seeking greener living through history, not chemistry.

Bain de terre Launches Botaniceutical Hair Care

Bain de terre recently introduced its new hair care collection, botaniceuticals.

Naturals Segment Strong, Drives Need for Standards

From 2005-2006, nearly one in three consumers sought cosmetic and toiletry products with natural credentials on a more frequent basis.

CARGO Houses Lipstick In Corn Tube

CARGO Cosmetics has launched a lipstick packaged in a compostable tube made entirely of corn.

Aloe Vera Gel With Long Chain Polysaccharides

Terry Laboratories has launched a "Gold Seal" aloe vera powder...

Biotechnology and Cosmetics: Advances in Phytochemistry: Rx and non-Rx

Skin care preparations containing ingredients described as “natural” or “botanical” (plant extracts and/or plant ingredients) have been used as beauty aids and to treat problem skin conditions since the dawn of time.

Clarins Ventures Into Organics

Clarins has made an agreement with organic cosmetics producer Kibio to jointly develop a line of natural organic cosmetics.

Organic Personal Care Sees Growth

Organic personal care products were reported to achieve US$282 million in sales in 2005.

Trends--The Blossoming of Naturals Part III: Raw Materials

This column is the third in a quarterly in-depth report on naturals in personal care. Part IV, appearing in the December issue of Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine, will focus on the importance of wellness to the spa industry.

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