Formulating with Natural Ingredients

May 6, 2003 | Contact Author | By: Anthony C. Dweck, Dweck Data
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Title: Formulating with Natural Ingredients
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Keywords: botanicals | skin care | formulating | actives

Abstract: Plant materials can provide the active ingredients and excipients for a range of skin-care products, and their phytochemistry enable them to provide genuine skin-care benefits.

The challenge of formulating a 100% natural product has become the Holy Grail of many natural formulators, and there is no doubt that some products can be made that satisfy this criterion. If the objectives are honestly set and the criteria are rigidly adhered to, however, the resulting product may well be substandard, at least to the extent the emulsifier, the preservative and the fragrance will lack sophistication.

Certain aspects relating to natural formulation have been discussed int he pst, particularly natural preservatives1, 2 and natural color;3 these aspects will nto be covered again here.