Men's Cosmetics, Toiletries Market Strong in Italy

February 10, 2006 | Contact Author | By: Rachel Chapman
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Title: Mens Cosmetics, Toiletries Market Strong in Italy
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Research and Markets announced the addition of a new report, Fragrances and Cosmetics – Italy. Italy is a strong producer of fragrances and color cosmetics, said the report, with several multinational cosmetics companies sourcing much of their production in Italy, thus making Italy a net exporter. The country has a high penetration rate for men’s cosmetics and personal care, where over 80% of men use aftershave or eau de toilette. The 55-65 age group is growing in terms of the number of fragrance users and the average number of products used. Foundations accounted for nearly half of the facial makeup market in 2004 and managed to remain in modest growth thanks to technologically advanced products on the market.