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Jason Expands Naturals in Salons

Natural product company Jason plans to expand its Natural Salon Hair Care line.

Klorane Formulates With Citron Pulp

Klorane Laboratories has chosen citron pulp extract to create a shampoo for all hair types.

Shampoos and Conditioners Work Innovation into Lather

Shampoos and conditioners are hitting the market with unique ingredients and benefits.

Pelusi Introduces New Leave-ins

Philip Pelusi introduces two P2 Smart styling leave-in products that incorporate nano-technology and infused organics.

Improving Summer Hair

Professionals know that summer's sun exposure and humid conditions can be difficult on the hair and scalp.

Bouncing into Fall

L’Oréal Professional is unveiling a product line for its fall collection that is going to give a whole new meaning to the word ‘bounce’.

Ask the Expert: Overcoming Consumer Barriers to Scalp Care

Flakey, itchy scalp symptoms associated with dandruff are common around the world. In fact, studies show that dandruff affects over 50 percent of the global population. Yet loyal usage of anti-dandruff treatment is not common practice...

Hair Dyes On the Block

As part of the Cosmetic Directive, the European Commission may ban seven non-permanant.

Compass--Familiarity Breeds Content in the Ethnic Hair Care Sector

Specification is everything today in the personal care market. Niche markets reign as both mass market shelves and prestige counters fill with hair care lines segregated by type, texture and color.

New Shampoo Technologies: Between the Shock Waves

Though shampoo technology is not presently experiencing sudden and dramatic change, the author reviews several recent advances in materials, test methodology (combinatorial chemistry), and formulation approaches (structured surfactant technologies).

Formulating Hair Conditioners: Hope and Hype

Hair conditioners are one of the most widely used products in the personal care arena.

Bench & Beyond--Color Lock in Hair Care

What is the key to unlocking the challenge of color lock in hair care? You might find out this month at PCIA in Seoul, Korea. Several of raw materials are the focus of this column, which examines ways to retain the color in artificially colored hair.

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