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Beauty Corporations Buying into Professional Hair Care

L'Oréal has acquired salon distributor Maly's West.

Mango Hair Stying Wax

This formula is a moisturizing styling wax enriched with mango butter and specialty silicones.

Hair Care Formulary

Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine's Hair Care Formulary offers examples of formulations for cosmetic chemists in the hair care industry. Categories of formulations include shampoos, stylers, conditioners and treatments.

Ionic Crystals Used in Vegan Hair Care Line

A recently launched hair care line utilizes ionic crystals, mineral peptides and antioxidants to treat dry and over-processed hair.

Forever Young: Antiaging Hair Care

To slow hair aging, researchers are turning to an ingredient that has been formulated into personal care products for quite some time—silicone.

Hair Growth Prevention Cream

Greentech has assembled this formula to limit body hair growth.

Turning into the Volume Trend

One of the hottest trends in the hair care market today is volumizing. Consumers seek out the gravity defying, age defying, healthy and gorgeous benefits of volume through a number of commercially available volume-enhancing products...

Silicones for Hair Strengthening

Single-fiber tensile testing demonstrates the hair-strengthening properties of several silicone materials in leave-in and rinse-off applications.

Sprayable Hair Milk

This formula produces a light leave-in hair conditioning spray with low viscosity and a white, dense, milky appearance.

Shampoo: The Star of Hair Care

Shampoo is alive and well as the most lucrative product in the global hair care market in 2005.

Alterna Launches New Line

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, hair care company Alterna is launching a new line.

Hair-styling Polymer Introduced

International Specialty Products has created a fixative polymer with enhanced hair-styling benefits.

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