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Keratin Split-end Repair

Phyto has launched the Phytokératine Repairative Program, a line of hair care products formulated to strengthen weak hair and prevent further breakage. The line comprises a shampoo, a conditioner and a serum.

Read the Label Online: Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo

This online-only "Read the Label" reviews finished products to discuss why specific ingredients were used in the formulations. Here, Procter & Gamble's Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo is discussed.

Galanga, Sunflower Highlight Color Protection

Procter & Gamble brand Frédéric Fekkai has added a highlight treatment to its Salon Technician Color Care line.

Lab Lessons—Wise Words From the Bench with Mukund Bhuta

Ease of application has made aerosols one of the most demanded product forms in personal care and many innovative launches in this form, including dry shampoos, sunless tanners and sunscreens, among others, have been seen in recent years. Technologies continue to advance this product category, and Mukund “Mac” Bhuta, who has nearly 50 years of experience with aerosols, is responsible for a number of them.

Lupine for Hair Color Retention

Johnson & Johnson has focused on the color retention ability of lupine to launch a hair color treatment line under the Aveeno brand.

Read the Label Online: Living Proof Straight Spray

This online-only "Read the Label" reviews finished products to discuss why specific ingredients were used in the formulations. Here, Living Proof's Straight Spray is discussed.

Sodium Hyaluronate and Rice Starch for Hair Volume

Oscar Blandi has introduced a serum formulated with a cationic derivative of sodium hyaluronate and a rice starch powder reportedly to plump the hair shaft for more volume.

Formula Anatomy Decipered—Frizz Control Hair Care

Frizz control hair care has been around for almost 20 years. Frizzy hair is a major issue for women with curly hair that has especially been chemically or mechanically treated.

Amaranth, Quinoa and Khoresan Wheat for Skin, Hair

Symrise has expanded its Extrapone botanical extract line with eight new grain offerings for a total of 11, which are marketed as "healthy grains" for use in skin care and hair care products.

New Pathways

Welcome to the New Year—unmarked territory, a blank slate and a fresh start. Many have fought tooth and nail to get here but it seems the industry is turning the corner in a positive new direction.

Deciphering Temporary Hair Depilation Formulas

Although some permanent approaches to hair depilation can be effective, this column will focus on creating personal care formulations for the temporary depilation of hair.

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