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Dyeing to be Natural

While today’s natural personal care product offerings include soaps, deodorants, skin cream and toothpaste, there are still sectors lacking truly natural product offerings; among them are hair dyes.

Plant-based, Permanent Hair Dye Launched

These dyes are said to contain no PPD, resorcinol or ammonia, and they act via the company's Renewable Botanical Enviro-Colors (RBE)-Colors technology.

Matching the Roots

For years, innovation in hair care has remained somewhat flat, probably since hair fibers are dead. However, recent developments have focused on changing parameters like light refraction or moisture content to provide specific sensory attributes such as shine, softness and strength to hair.

Deconstructing Eyelash Products

Lashes appear to be in, as the number of products targeted at eyelash growth, strength and conditioning has skyrocketed over the past year.

Calling All Chemists, Formulators and Researchers

Are you sitting on a research “gold mine”? Get your work published! Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine is interested in your research as it pertains to cosmetics and personal care R&D.

Aveeno Enters Hair Care Market with Wheat Complex

The collection features the company's Nourishing Wheat Complex, a blend of wheat germ oil and wheat protein. The complex uses one large, non-hydrolyzed protein polymer.

The Quest for Avobenzone Stabilizers and Sunscreen Photostability

Butyl methoxydibenzoyl methane (BMDBM) is well-known as an effective UVA filter when it is stabilized. Here, the authors measure the efficiency of ten commercially available products that are reported to stabilize BMDBM. The most effective product found was octocrylene that, being a UVB filter, also contributed to the SPF.

Spa Creates Line of Scalp Oils

The Steam Scalp Oil begins with a base of jojoba oil and uses the same aromatherapy scents as it had in the past. The difference is the proprietary blend of antioxidants.

Depilatories vs. Epilatories

Industry expert Tony O'Lenick explains the difference between depilation and epilation.

Natural Hair Care on the Rise

In the last few years, “organic,” “green” and “natural” have become international buzzwords, attached to everything from foods to clothes. Naturally, the personal care industry has followed suit. Though it is still difficult for hair care companies to obtain organic certification for their lines, many have unveiled natural alternatives.

A Boost for Hair Color Protection Formulas

Leave-on systems allow formulators to include functional ingredients like cationic film forming polymers that bind with negatively charged amino acids on the surface of hair.

Improving Hair Color Retention Using Quat Functional Olefin-graft Polymers

Formulations containing quaternary-modified olefin-graft polymers are shown here to improve the permanency of artificial hair colorant in human hair exposed to repeated washing. In addition, when these polymers were applied to hair by a sulfate-based shampoo, the foam height and viscosity of the shampoo remained unaffected.

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