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MAX Factor Creates Sophisticated Diva Makeup Line

Responding to consumers’ yearnings for runway looks, MAX Factor launches a new line of dramatic high-drama eye makeup, MAXeye Collection.

O/W Mascara

Presperse presents an o/w mascara formulation with polyisobutene (and) isododecane.

Hot Pour Sunrise Eyeshadow/Blush

Presperse presents a color formula incorporating isoeicosane and calcium aluminum borosilicate.

Glittering, Protective Lip Treatment

Introducing a protective lip treatment containing jojoba seed oil to provide enhanced cushion, slip and gloss.

Concealing Liquid Foundation Formula

This is an elegant o/w liquid foundation has a gentle and smooth texture, says the company.

Pressed Face Powder

This powder has a velvety smooth application and provides good coverage. It absorbs oil and hides skin imperfections.

Color Formulary

Featuring formulas of color cosmetics for the eyes, face, lips and more submitted by raw material suppliers.

Surface Treatment of Cosmetic Pigments

This article describes the chemistry, properties and applications of selected techniques for treating the surfaces of cosmetic pigments and fillers. High-intensity agitation, precipitation, chemical reaction and hydrophilic coatings are discussed.

Mentor Series—Self-Tanners: Formulating with Dihydroxyacetone

This paper discusses the background behind the development of self-tanning products using DHA. Its structure, chemistry, self-tanning mechanism and formulation guidelines are also discussed.

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