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Female Consumers Want Sun Protection and Coverage in Color Cosmetics

A survey commissioned by Neutrogena Cosmetics and conducted by Harris Interactive has reported that women would rather have coverage and sun protection in their color cosmetics than fashion-forward colors.

Concealer with Licorice to Brighten Skin

Laura Geller has launched a concealer that is also said to brighten skin.

Great Un-expectations

Taking unexpected turns leads us down new paths of discovery, which is especially relevant to science and certainly applicable to personal care product development.

Formulating Sunless Tanning Products with DHA: Current Challenges

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) remains the most effective ingredient for sunless tanning; however, it poses several challenges to the formulator. Following is a review of those challenges, including: stability, malodor during the browning reaction, compatibility issues with sun protection ingredients and the generation of free radical damage. In addition, the author suggests some solutions to these challenges.

Added Benefits and New Textures Driving Color Growth

A report by Global Industry Analysts Inc. (GIA) predicts that the color cosmetics market will reach US $41.4 billion by 2015. This growth, according to the report, will be aided by color formulations with added benefits, new textures and formats, natural or organic ingredients and pigment innovation.

Malvern Studies Particle Size and Shape of Mineral Makeup

Malvern Instruments measured and compared the particle sizes of three commercially-available mineral powders to report that size and shape affect the final makeup appearance.

Three-free: New Generation Nail Polish

It seems the bad press storm surrounding the safety of nail ingredients has passed since most nail polish manufacturers have reformulated to omit these materials. Now, formulators can focus on the horizon for new innovations in nail polish.

Tinted Moisturizer with SPF Protection

Philosophy has launched a tinted moisturizer that offers moisturization and sun protective benefits. Supernatural Superbeautiful- Good-For-Skin Makeup SPF 20 offers natural color in a water-based formula that is beneficial to skin and will not clog pores.

Making Up the Psyche

This issue highlights Mendrok-Edinger et al.’s quest to find the best butyl methoxydibenzoyl methane stabilizer for sun care; Farwick et al.’s update of ceramide identification, synthesis, function and nomenclature; and finally, Arif’s discussion supporting the smart use of sulfates in formulations. There’s a little something to stimulate everyone’s psyche in this issue.

Foundation for Elderly Women: Development and Neurological Implications

In the present report, the authors developed a foundation specifically tailored to the needs and preferences of elderly women and, through scientific measurement, confirmed that wearing the right makeup leads to brain activation. Studies validated that among elderly women, satisfaction with self-appearance could contribute to higher self-confidence, improved outlook and resistance to neurological ailments.

Superabsorbent Corn Starch Polymer for Cosmetics

Absorbent Technologies Inc. has expanded the uses of Reon, its sustainable superabsorbent polymers made from corn starch.

Estée Lauder Reopens Color Center and Partners for Canadian Cosmetic Science Program

The company has spent nearly the past two years renovating the the 28,000 square foot research, development and manufacturing facility.

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