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Color Formulary

The Color Formulary presents the latest raw materials in color cosmetics for face, lips and eyes.

Chanel Launches Gold Color Cosmetics Line

Chanel is set to launch a new color cosmetics collection in Fall 2008.

Maybelline Uses Triple Refined Micro Minerals in New Line

L'Oréal is adding a mineral line to the Maybelline New York brand.

Research Team Finds BBP Carcinogenic

Scientists at the Fox Chase Cancer Centre in Philadelphia have released reports that find butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP) to be carcinogenic.

In Sight: Blush Just Got Smarter

Blush has evolved to a more sophisticated use of color that involves pigment, chemistry and now biology. New to the market are blushes that use the skin’s chemistry to help the products achieve a natural flush.

Color Formulary

The color formulary is a collection of formulas submitted to the magazine by raw material suppliers in the categories of face, lips and eyes.

N.Y.C. Introduces Mineral Line

New York Color (N.Y.C.) is joining the mineral makeup sector with a new color collection.

Moisturizing Lipstick

This high shine, moisturizing lipstick has good payout and color intensity. The octyldodecanol provides solvency and cocoa butter moisturizes and softens lips.

Lipstick on the Comeback?

Cosmetics brand Too Faced is bringing lipstick back to its lineup.

Ancient Makeup Alters Timeline of Modern Man

164,000-year old makeup found in South Africa hallmark of modern life; challenges previous view of man’s marched into modernity.

Mineral Powder

The following formulation is a mineral powder for application to the face.

Mineral Makeup Reinvents Itself

New mineral makeup companies are jumping headfirst into the market, while existing mineral makeup lines are reformulating and adding treatments.

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