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Certian Dri Launches Underarm Refresher

DSE Heathcare Solutions, the makers of Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant, introduce their new anti-perspirant system.

Linear Polyethylenes and Long-Chain Alcohols in Underarm Sticks and Soft Solids

Linear polyethylenes and long-chain alcohols are alternatives to stearyl alcohol for gelling systems based on cyclomethicone. These materials have particular utility in formulations for antiperspirant or deodorant sticks and soft solids.

Underarm Technical Review 2003: Consumer Drivers

The Final Antiperspirant Monograph and patent activities (new actives, improved deodorant protection and formulation enhancements) are among the forces reviewed here for their effect on future antiperspirants and deodorants.

Axillary Odor: Its Physiology, Microbiology And Chemistry

This article surveys recent reports on the physiology, microbiology and chemistry of axillary malodor, as well as the thresholds for perceiving various axillary odors.

Developing a Refreshment Towel for Men

This article describes the development of a refreshment towel intended to manage sweat and odor anywhere on the body. The design framework, substrate, refreshment formulation and packaging are discussed.

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