Figure 2. Lipid, free lipid extract and ceramide analyses

a) Lipid analyses of a standard solution (STD), two vernix caseosa (VC) samples and one stratum corneum (SC) sample by HPTLC; b) quantitative analysis of the free lipid extracts for all vernix caseosa compounds; c) quantitative analysis of ceramides only. Results are shown as weight percentage ± standard deviation. SQ = squalane; SE = sterol esters; WE = wax esters; DIOL = dihydroxy WE; TG = triglycerides; CHOL = cholesterol; FFA = free fatty acid; Cer = ceramides (EOS-1, NS-2, NP-3, EOH-4, AS-5, AP-6, AH-7, NH-8, EOP-9); CSO4 = CHOL sulfate; reproduced with permission from Reference 15.