Source Presentations, Nov. 15

Following are the Source Presentations for Nov. 15, as of Sept. 7, 2011. The most current Source Presentations can be found on the SCS Formulate website.

A Novel Film Forming and Highly Hydrating Natural Polysaccharide
Giada Maramaldi/Stefano Togni, Indena
Forever Young: The Holy Grail of Cosmetics!
Clare Broomhead, Rahn (UK)
Introducing a New Carbon Based Ingredient that Gives the Same Skin Feel as a Silicone
Frederic Pilz, PhD, Clariant Produkte (Deutschland)
What's New for Personal Care for 2012?
Pauline Ayres, Azelis
Novel Introduction of Recipe Engineered Food Lipids in Cosmetic Formulations for Better and Safer Health
Prof. Vijai K. S. Shukla, International Food Science Centre A/S
Defend Against Time and Preserve Beauty
Rachel Baines, Croda Europe Sun Care & Biotechnology
Exciting Colours Created by Effect Pigments
Michael Rechinger, Eckart
Formulating Novel Textures and Delivery Systems
Estelle Chevreton, Aston Chemicals
New Dermo-Active Lipid System for Skin Care
Sergio Amari, B&T
Multifunctional Silicones
Tony O’Lenick, Siltech
A Complete Approach to Skin Care
Raul Vallecillo, Lipotec S. A.
Sustainable Cellulose Derivatives Helping You to Get More from Your Formulations for Less!
Andy Girdharry, AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry
A New 100% Natural Liquid Thickener
Neus Subirats, Kao Chemical Europe
Corneocar -New Insights Into Moisturizing
Manuela Pflaumbaum, PhD, DSM Nutritional Products
Getting the Best from Oat Ingredients
David Fielder, Ceapro Inc.
Novel, Naturally Based Gelling Agents: Exceptional Formulation Tolerance, Luxurious Skin Feel
Agnes le Fur, Lucas Meyer
Smart Rheological Solutions for Rinse-off Formulas
Florence Bussod, Rhodia
Trends in Hair Care
Gary Astill, Surfachem
New Concepts on Moisturization and Barrier Formation
Jennifer Lange, Evonik Goldschmidt
Smell Good Feel Good - Sensiva SC50. A New Way for Formulators to Boost & Fixate Perfumes
Kristen Gysen, Schulke & Mayr
The Transformation Trend and Ways to Address It
Jackie Searle, IMCD UK
Glycohyal LW: Inner Skin Activator. The Evolution of Hyaluronic Acid:/Booster of Penetration. Cellulite Treatments, Anti-aging Skin Care Repair
Andrea Maltagliati, BC Cosmetic and Food
Meeting Market Trends - Innovate Products to Match Consumer Demands
Samantha Brown, PhD, Innospec
Flanogen VPC620 - Allowing Formulators to Play with Different Textures
Claire Duflot, Cargill