The New C&T Tour

Welcome to the newly redesigned C&T Web site

One of the first things you will notice is the new tabbed navigation. Below is an example of the Formulating section, featuring tabbed navigation with the Ingredient section highlighted. Click on the navigation tab in order to see what information it contains.

C&T new navigation sample

You will find that information is provided to you in a new, user-friendly way, and is easier than ever to find. All articles and news are now categorized by subject matter—please visit the sitemap for a list of categories.

Below are some of the new C&T site's features:

  • Articles Archive is now called Past Issues.
  • Calendar of Events can now be sorted by name, event type, location or date.
  • The current issue is under the magazine section, or you can get there by clicking on the magazine cover in the upper right.
  • Webinars are now listed under Events.
  • Formulas are now in the Formulating section.
  • The REACH Roundtable is now in the lower right area of the homepage and under the REACH section in Regulatory.
  • News is now listed on the homepage and under the appropriate categories. You can also subscribe to the Industry News RSS feed.
  • The media kit is now under the advertising section.
  • E-newsletter subscription can be found both at the top of each page next to the magazine cover image and at the bottom of the page.

If you come across a problem with the new site, you can report a problem here or by clicking on the "report a bug" link at the bottom of any page.