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What is the cost of a subscription to Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine?
Cosmetics & Toiletries
subscription prices
USA Print Canada Print International
All Countries Digital
All Countries
1 year (12 issues) $98 $137 $189 Free $72
2 years (24 issues) $169 $231 $330 Free $129
How is a digital subscription different than a print subscription?
A digital subscription to Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine is identical to the print subscription, except in delivery method. It contains exactly the same editorial content and advertising pages as the print edition.
What is the difference between a subscription to C&T Digital (Standard) and C&T DigitalPLUS?
C&T Digital is Free and includes:
  • The entire issue of C&T, exactly as it appears in print
  • Fully searchable articles
  • The ability to share individual articles with a colleague via e-mail
C&T Digital PLUS is $72 per year and includes:
  • The same functionality as the free version, PLUS
  • The ability to download and archive each issue in the subscription
  • The ability to print articles