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At Cosmetics & Toiletries we are dedicated to providing cosmetic scientists with premium content and specialized insight to push innovation and product development ahead of the competition. Our publication has been a highly respected and valuable resource for chemists, research scientists and R&D managers for more than 100 years.

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C&T provides expert information in the following areas:


  • Market intelligence
    • Plant cell rejuvenation
    • Sustainable surfactants
    • Finished product launches
  • Regulatory
    • Natural Personal Care Ingredients
    • Bioactive Skin Care
  • Research
    • Sourcing and using Maca and Suma Roots
    • Anti-inflamatory activity
  • Testing 
    • Preventative and restorative anti-aging benefits
    • Effect of TC on Glycation-induced Conformational Change


Reader testimonials:

"The content [of Cosmetics & Toiletries] engages colleagues at different levels in their careers, whether it is the seasoned scientist or a professional learning a new area of personal care."

–Peter Tsolis, Corporate R&D Innovation, Estée Lauder Companies

"[Cosmetics & Toiletries] magazine is always one of my favorite magazines. It gives great info ... I learned several ideas from your published information."

–Amy Fu, Senior R&D Scientists, H2O Plus

"I always look forward to receiving your magazine … [Cosmetics & Toiletries] is a wealth of information and very beneficial in both finding ingredients and the outstanding articles that are always included."

–Linda Marshall, President, Elysee Scientific Cosmetics, Inc.

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