Alban Muller Offers Eco-Friendly Consulting

The Alban Muller Group has launched a consulting and assisting service to develop eco-friendly personal care products. The service will focus on designing an ingredient or a product while limiting its environmental impact as much as possible at each phase of its life, from selecting raw materials to packaging the finished product, 

Le Natural Product Designer, will offer advice in matters of designing, formulating, and manufacturing natural, eco-responsible products.

“The current success experienced by ‘organics’ only reveals the desire consumers have to adopt environment-friendly habits in their lives and consumption, guaranteeing, among other things, safety in use. In order to seriously meet this high expectation, we cannot limit ourselves to the means of obtaining certain ingredients: we must deal with this subject more globally and explore each of the elements in manufacturing a product,” commented Alban Muller, president of the Alban Muller Group in a company press release.

According to the comopany, it has designed and manufactured natural ingredients and finished products for more than 30 years, for companies in the cosmetics, food and phytotherapy fields. The company offers assistance to brands, providing follow-up in the development of 100% natural, quality products with a low ecological footprint. In addition to helping brands reformulate their existing care and well-being products in an eco-responsible approach, the company can also develop new references or complete natural ranges according to a given concept and positioning. For more information, visit

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