Naturex's Open Innovation Commitments

In support of its core value of innovation, Naturex has launched Ingenium, an open innovation program.

Naturex's goal with Ingenium is to advance technological research by sourcing and supporting innovative ideas from different sources. As part of this program, Naturex will partner with start-up companies whose business ideas and technology could be valuable to the company's development.

Along with this initiative, Naturex is establishing the Technology Advisory Group (TAG). This group will include technology business actors and academic opinion leaders.

“Open innovation is key to our BRIGHT2020 strategic plan. Our aim is to generate 10% sales through new product developments by 2020, and we know that innovation cannot be provided solely by our own research," said Olivier Rigaud, CEO of Naturex. "By crowdsourcing innovation, Naturex can improve customer value, drive advancements across industries and ... foster local economic development."

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