Gelest, Inc. Relocates Packing and Shipping to Improve Productivity


Gelest recently announced that it will be moving its packing and shipping operations 0.3 miles from its headquarters and main campus, to its Progress Drive warehouse at 1 Progress Drive, Morrisville, Pa.

This move is part of the company’s continued efforts to supply specialty silane, silicone and metal organic materials to its customers in both an efficient and timely manner.

The 150,000 square foot Progress Drive warehouse includes…

  • 50,000 square feet of heated storage
  • 60,000 square feet of unheated storage
  • Over 15,000 square feet of flammable storage
  • 3,600 square feet of space for the sole purpose of packing and shipping
  • Seven pack down areas
  • Four areas for R&D packing
  • Three humidity controlled rooms
  • Three bulk breakdown rooms
  • Seven shipping stations
  • Two labeling stations
  • 12 loading docks

Joel Zazyczny, executive vice president of Gelest and leader of its logistics and fulfillment department, stated, “In an effort to meet the current global demand for innovative silicon and metal-organic materials and to continue supplying our customers in a timely manner, we have completed the relocation of the packing and shipping departments to our new logistics operation that resides within our Progress Drive warehouse. As a result of a successful transition, the operations are running smoothly.”

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