Iberchem Sa

Av. del Descubrimiento
Alcantarilla, Murcia 30820
Phone:+34 968 893 002

With over 35 years’ experience creating fragrances for brands worldwide, Iberchem has an award-winning team of perfumers, and an international network of marketing experts, equipped with the knowledge and expertise to create bespoke fragrances which are undoubtedly unique to your brand.

Initially inspired by the enchanting scent of orange and lemon groves local to their Headquarters in Murcia, Spain, Iberchem has now grown to comprise 25 facilities strategically located around the world to reach over 120 countries.


Iberchem customers can count on the knowledge of our in-house experts to improve the performance of their fragrances, at any in-use stage and across any given application. Continuous investment into R&D ensures Iberchem’s dedicated team utilise modern technology to offer innovative methods, competitive solutions, and faster results.

Iberchem’s latest neuroscientific investigation programme, Wavemotion, is an example of this. Dedicated to exploring how different aromas transform consumer’s emotional landscape, Wavemotion will empower fragrances that bring a new dimension to perfumery.


From becoming RSPO-certified, developing partnerships with NGOs, and sourcing 100% traceable, ethically sourced ingredients, Iberchem proactively contribute to making positive, sustainable changes.

Their biodegradable fragrance technologies such as VernovaCaps® and VernovaPure® are also a perfect solution for clients looking for high performance fragrances that align with their company’s sustainability commitments.

Iberchem has a fusion of knowledge from all around the world to help you find the perfect fragrance for your product, to ultimately build loyalty to your brand.

Years in business:35
Number of employees:1100
Geographic sales distribution:120
Sales Channel:25
  • Contract Manufacturing Services(Fragrance)
  • Fragrance(Ambient Scent, Home Care, Personal Care/Beauty)