Mixer & Pack

Calle Las Largas 2
Cabanillas del Campo, Guadalajara 19171

Mixer & Pack offers a total service in the creation of perfumery and ambience for fashion brands, third party brands, private label, distribution brands, make-up, third party, private label or private brand.

Years in business:30
Number of employees:200-500
Geographic sales distribution:130

In order to suit the needs of each project, Mixer&Pack provides a comprehensive service that handles the entire perfume-creation process, from the formulation of the olfactory formula, through the design of the product and its packaging, to its manufacture and final packing.

Services Specialization:



Quality and Security SupportQuality is our core premise throughout the whole manufacturing process The perfumes and cosmetics developed and produced at Mixer&Pack adhere to the strictest and most thorough industry quality standards. Mixer&Pack includes the quality policy as one of its worldwide strategic policies because it considers quality as a crucial component to achieving the highest degree of competitiveness in the design, development, manufacture, packaging, and commercialization of perfumery and cosmetic products.

Service, support & spare parts:

WORLDWIDE EXPERTS IN PERFUME DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, MANUFACTURING, AND REGULATION.In all stages of product development, including formulation, research, design, manufacture, packaging, and implementation in domestic and international markets, MIXER&PACK creates cosmetic and perfumery products while offering its clients efficient, innovative, competitive, and high-quality solutions. All of this is done responsibly and with a dedication to environmental protection, public health, and welfare.

  • Business Services(Equipment/Manufacturing/Supply Chain Services)
  • Contract Manufacturing Services(Fragrance)
  • Packaging Services(Consulting, Decoration [Enameling & Frosting], Decoration [Foil], Design Services, Printed Instructions, Package Enclosure, Security, Testing)
  • Private Label Services(Fragrance, Turnkey)
  • Packaging Components(Applicators, Biodegradable, Bottles, Boxes, Caps, Cards, Color, Cartons, Folding, Cases, Swivel, Child-resistant, Labels and more)
  • Fragrance(Ambient Scent, Fine Fragrance, Home Care, Personal Care/Beauty, Regulatory & Research, Trends)
  • Cosmetic Ingredients(Fragrance, Natural/Sustainable, Tech/Equipment)
  • Testing Services(Animal Alternatives, Chemical Analysis, Efficacy, Method/Process, Safety/Stability, Sensory)