ZA La cassine, rue Pierre Gilles de Gennes
Peyruis 04 310
Phone:+33 4 92 33 17 17
Mobile:+33 4 92 33 17 17

Sophim is a family-owned company founded in Peyruis, France, in 1996, specialized in the manufacturing of natural ingredients for the cosmetic industry. Our core business is based on the expertise of innovative green chemistries for processes such as distillation, esterification and hydrogenation, which enables us to offer ingredients of unique quality. We are olive-sourced squalane experts. As oleochemists, we offer natural alternatives and texturizers to the cosmetic industry. Examples from olive include our Phytosqualan, Insapolive, Biophytosebum and Phytowax products; and texturizers include Vegeline, MC30/300 oils and butters.

Geographic sales distribution:International
  • Contract Manufacturing Services(Bath & Body, Cosmeceuticals/Nutraceuticals/Supplements, OTC, Ointments, Granulations, Liquids, Powders)
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