Provital S.A.

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Provital has dedicated more than 40 years to discovering the treasures that nature provides, mainly from vegetal sources, from all around the world. We thoroughly study their application to skin and hair care and develop high-quality, efficacious cosmetic ingredients combining the best from nature and science. To this end, we boast two main product lines:

  • CareActives™ harnesses the power of science and nature working together to promote well-being with 67 active ingredients proven to be effective in enhancing natural beauty.
  • CareMotives™ captures the essence of nature with 290 ingredients of natural origin, to awaken the emotions evoked by innate beauty.

We believe that taking care is taking action. 

At Provital, our dedication to nurturing beauty allows us to create natural active ingredients that evoke positive emotions and provide individuals with the means to express their own unique beauty. We bring exceptional customer care to the beauty industry and beyond, reflecting our unwavering dedication to excellence in both our product and the services we provide. And because we are conscious that each of our clients has specific needs, we co-create with them, always working collaboratively, anticipating trends, and leveraging those trends into helpful formulations.

Our approach: combine nature + science

Our approach emphasizes creativity, inspiration, and cutting-edge science in everything we do. We develop sustainable, plant-based biotechnology platforms, including Plant Stem Cells, Microalgae, and Endophytes. Our state-of-the-art In Vitro laboratory enables us to conduct high-level scientific research from inception to completion, and our award-winning ingredients attest to our commitment to excellence.  At Provital, we make sure we use technological breakthroughs to improve the quality of active ingredients and extracts that are incorporated in the current cosmetic market. We have also worked to ensure we have the right bioinformatic capacities for the analysis of massive data. This is where our Provital’s Bioimage and Bioinformatic Platform (PBBP) comes in. Through this platform, we can obtain a data-driven approach that guides us to perform better cosmetic ingredient evaluations. This translates into several benefits:

  • Utilize our tissue engineering expertise to perform novel studies.
  • Access high-content imaging, as well as having access to enhanced image analysis that extracts valuable information from great volumes of data.
  • Uncover new mechanisms of action.

Global presence

Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, we are a leader in the cosmetics industry, present in over 114 countries, and with subsidiaries in key markets worldwide including Brazil, China, France, Poland, Germany, and most recently, the USA.

Do Care

Caring is at the heart of everything we do. It is what drives us to continuously innovate and create products that make a positive impact on people and the environment. Do Care is not just a tagline; it's a reflection of our commitment to making a difference.

Years in business:40+
Number of employees:100
Geographic sales distribution:United States and Canada
Sales Channel:Direct
  • Cosmetic Ingredients(Actives, Balancing-soothing, Moisturizing, Natural/Sustainable, Skin/Body, Specialized, Sun Care)
  • Cosmetic & Personal Care Formulas(Anti-aging/Face, Hair Care, Skin Care)