Versatile, Nature-derived Preservation


The recipe for successful preservation calls for two main ingredients working synergistically together: GMP and a versatile, effective and easy-to-use preservative system. Campo Research has been supplying Plantservative WSr (INCI: Lonicera Japonica Flower Extract (and) Lonicera Caprifolium Flower Extract) for more than 30 years to small and large manufacturers who have utilized its versatility, broad antimicrobial performance and green chemistry profile.

Completely absent of EC allergens, Plantservative WSr is upcycled from wildly cropped honeysuckle plants that are classified as weeds. It is also GRAS (GRN No. 13), has a Natural Origin Index of 1 according to ISO 16128 and is COSMOS- and NATRUE-compliant, supporting “100% naturally derived”claims while effectively preserving natural formulas.

Plantservative WSr is nonionic and thus compatible with cationic and anionic ingredients. It does not impact the sensorial properties of cosmetic formulations, i.e., color and odor, and it imparts antimicrobial protection in a broad pH range (2.5-12), providing reliable protection in several cosmetic applications—including mineral-based products such as sunscreens, clay masks, etc., where the pH drifts to 7 and above.
Plantservative WSr is also temperature-resistant up to 95°C (208°F), making its addition during different stages of production possible, such as the cooling stage or at the beginning before heat is applied. Heat does not impact its concentration as the ingredient is not volatile. Given its alkaline nature, it is best to pre-neutralize Plantservative WSr with lactic acid before adding it to the main production vessel.


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