EquiScalp®, award-winner microbiota-friendly active ingredient for scalp soothing


EquiScalp®, the natural active ingredient developed by Clariant Active Ingredients and its partner Biospectrum to soothe sensitive scalps without compromising their live microbiota, was awarded the prestigious Fountain Award in the category scalp care at the PCHi congress 2021.

Sustainably extracted from apple stem cells (INCI: Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract), this extract rich in phloridzin controls irritation markers in the scalp to prevent flakes formation, redness and sebum overproduction. After only 28 days, volunteers who used a shampoo containing 2% of EquiScalp felt a feeling of comfort and a decrease in scalp irritation.

In addition, it was demonstrated that EquiScalp does not affect the normal live bacteria population (quantity and diversity), which prevents any microbiota dysregulation that might cause new scalp issues.

To learn more on EquiScalp® properties, visit our webpage.


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