Cosmetics & Toiletries R&D Awards

Cosmetics & Toiletries® is pleased to present the Cosmetics &Toiletries R&D Awards program, which recognizes the ingenuity and science of the raw materials behind finished cosmetics and personal care products. Suppliers, manufacturers, colleagues, etc., can nominate technologies, bringing exposure to some very talented R&D teams.

The 2014 awards will focus on one category, Best New Ingredient, which is specific to raw materials and their method(s) of development. Suppliers may nominate their own ingredients, or ingredients developed through joint efforts. Manufacturers whose finished products are based on innovative technologies can nominate their supplier. It's all about bringing behind-the-scenes efforts to the forefront, so nominate now!

Nominations will be reviewed by an esteemed panel of international experts, who will select the finalists and, from there, the winner. Each entry will be judged not only for its significance to the industry, but also for its long-term impact.


Cosmetics & Toiletries R&D Awards 2014

Eligible entries include raw materials or technologies launched since January 2013, and are open to companies around the world. The finalists and winner will be presented during the awards ceremony held at in-cosmetics, April 1-3, 2014, in Hamburg and profiled in Cosmetics & Toiletries.


Finalists: 2014 Best New Ingredient

  • Finalist: Clariant International, for its Nipaguard Zero preservative
  • Finalist: Korea Particle Technologies, for its Emulsion Pearls
  • Finalist: Sederma, For its Venuceane IR biotechnological ferment
  • Finalist: Silab, for its Volunage purified active ingredient
Read more about the 2014 Best New Ingredient nominees.

Past R&D Award winners and finalists:

Winner: 2013 Best New Ingredient

Dow Corning Corp.

Finalists: 2013 Best New Ingredient

Winner: 2013 Most Creative Application

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

Finalists: 2013 Most Creative Application

Winner: 2012 Best New Ingredient

Interpolymer Corp.

Video interview with Patrice Heintz

Finalists: 2012 Best New Ingredient

Winner: 2012 Most Creative Application

Kao Brands Co.

Video interview with Eiichi Nishizawa

Finalists: 2012 Most Creative Application


Cosmetics & Toiletries R&D Awards–Asia 2013

Eligible entries must be associated with a raw material or finished product for the Asian market launched as of the August prior to the award year. Winners will be announced during in-cosmetics Asia, and also will be profiled in Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine.

Past R&D Award—Asia winners:

Winner: 2013 Best New Ingredient


Finalists: 2013 Best New Ingredient

  • Induchem
  • Delcore

Winner: 2013 Most Creative Application

Procter & Gamble

Finalists: 2013 Most Creative Application

  • AmorePacific
  • Shiseido

2012 Best New Ingredient

DSM Nutritional Products Asia Pacific

2012 Most Creative Application