Effective Preservation

May 15, 2006 | By: Rachel Chapman
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Title: Effective Preservation
  • Article
Schülke & Mayr announces after extensive testing that their cosmetic preservative Euxyl PE 9010 remains a safe and effective product. Euxyl PE 9010, introduced one year ago, has undergone two separate tests to determine its value.

 The first test compared its effectiveness to that of traditional preservative systems in numerous products. Euxyl PE 9010 exhibited similar results as traditional phenoxyethanol/paraben mixtures, proving its effectiveness at equivalent concentrations.

The effect of skin tolerability was then tested on Caucasian skin in Germany and Japanese skin in Japan. Both tests reflected no skin reactions, demonstrating the skin tolerability of Euxyl PE 9010. For more information, visit www.schuelke-mayr.com or call +49-40-521-00-221.