A New Formulators' Tool for Customizing Sensory

$util.date($item.publishDate) | Contact Author | By: Jeffrey M. Carey, PhD; Bryan Moran; Francine Shuster; and Brian Vondruska, Lubrizol Advanced Materials Inc.
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Title: A New Formulators' Tool for Customizing Sensory
Rheology modifierx emollient esterx range of aestheticsx sensory combination matrixx sensory contribution continuumx
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Optimization of the sensory properties in emulsion systems is an ongoing challenge for formulators. Here, the authors present a tool designed to simplify the process. This visual tool called SensiMap assists formulators in selecting the right combination of specific crosslinked acrylic rheology modifiers and specialty emollient esters to match the desired formulation aesthetic profile. Rheology modifiers impact the texture element of sensory, particularly during the initial application (rub out) and emollient esters enhance sensory through to after feel.

Excerpt Only This is a shortened version or summary of the article that appeared in the July 1, 2008 issue of Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine. The full content is not currently available online.