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Enhancing the Stability of Natural Oils and Butters with Rosemary Extracts

Use of rosemary extracts to provide oxidative stability to various natural oils and exotic butters offers a way for formulators to reduce the use of synthetics and chemicals in skin care products.

Petrolatum and Vegetable-Based Alternatives in Natural Cosmetics

The authors examine the meaning of the term natural and assert that it applies to both petrolatum and petrolatum’s vegetable-based alternatives. They further assert the advantages of petrolatum as a safe, well-established moisturizer.

Biodegradable Chelating Agents to Gain the “Green” Advantage

Chelating agents are rarely used in large volumes, but cumulatively they are a potential source of environmental damage. A recent but now well-proven alternative is trisodium ethylenediamine disuccinate (EDDS).

Formulating with Natural Ingredients

Plant materials can provide the active ingredients and excipients for a range of skin-care products, and their phytochemistry enable them to provide genuine skin-care benefits.

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