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Nail Companies Revamping Ingredient List

Three major nail polish manufacturers have announced this week that they will be removing some ingredients from their products.

Makeup Artist Creates Line

Makeup artist Jay Manuel has announced his launch of a cosmetic skin and color line formulated to enhance everyday beauty products.

Nail Products See Decline

The nail color and care market is in a slump, according to a recent personal care report.

Comparatively Speaking: Bronzer vs. Sunless Tanner

Industry expert Tony O'Lenick asks: What's the difference between a bronzer and a sunless tanner? Tom Meyer, PhD, of Schering Plough provides the answer.

On-the-go Cosmetics

Today’s woman wants it all. A successful career, a loving family and an active social life are all aspects of the millennium woman’s agenda. She may be tired, over-worked and stressed to the max, but her skin does not show it. As a result of the innovation of portable products that are quick and easy to use, flawless skin and perfect makeup even in transit have become effortless.

Eye Make-up On the Rise in Japan

Eye make-up is on the rise in Japan, according to the recently released Fuji Keizai report.

Lip Care Products on the Rise

Lips have never had it so good. With many new trends emerging in the realm of lip care, colorful, fuller lips are easier than ever to achieve. Formulators everywhere are creating ways for lip enhancements to last longer.

Ensuring Smooth Skin

Dow Corning introduces two silicone acrylate copolymers.

Dow Corning, Sensient LCW Present Color Concepts

Dow Corning Corp. and Sensient Cosmetic Technologies/LCW have teamed up to provide cosmetics manufacturers with a range of silicone-based choices to create multifunctional products...

W/O Liquid Foundation

This non-oily, w/o foundation from Nikko claims to exhibit remarkable stability. Silicone oils and phytosteryl hydroxystearate provide unique light feel and an effective dispersant helps to incorporate pigments while stabilizing the system.

A Light-Diffusing Concept For Antiaging Effects In Makeup Formulations

An innovative light-diffusing concept for special optical effect (nylon fibers) makes possible the immediate visualization of the reduction of signs of skin aging while maintaining a natural makeup and a youthful appearance.

Noveon Highlights Ester for Color Applications

Noveon Inc. highlights its ester for improved, long-wear benefits in color cosmetic applications.

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