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[podcast] Synesthesia Unlocks Experience Design for Consumer Products

Contact Author Rachel Grabenhofer with Charles Spence, Ph.D.
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"One multisensory area that’s exciting and interesting, and one I’ve been talking to perfume companies about, is this sort of almost synesthetic correspondence between the senses," says Charles Spence, Ph.D. "We are able to create fragrances and aromas and match them to instruments/musical notes or shapes.


"I think this all gets into an interesting area of designing packages for perfumes—including the typeface design, the colors, the music you might want to play in the background—and you can almost synesthetically connect and communicate the fragrance with an advertisement. There’s sort of an emerging science here that’s exciting and experiential. We’re moving into a space of experience design that goes beyond a product."

In this final piece in a seven-part podcast series, sponsored by Berjé, world-renowned experimental psychologist Charles Spence, Ph.D., of the University of Oxford, explores sensory integration in consumer products. Our discussion ranges from cosmetic packaging design, fragrance and aroma, to synesthesia, digital tools and more—and how they can cue one another. Click below to listen to the full podcast.

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