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Givaudan Joins Animal-Free Safety Assessment Collaboration

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Givaudan has also pledged to contribute to real-world case studies in animal-free safety assessment.

Givaudan is taking its commitment to the next level by joining the Animal-Free Safety Assessment Collaboration. AFSA brings together corporations with non-profits, such as Humane Society International (HSI), who share the vision of a non-animal approach to product safety assessment in order to better protect people and our planet.

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As part of Givaudan’s support for the Animal-Free Safety Assessment, the new multi-year collaboration will include co-creation of a global training curriculum in next-generation risk assessment alongside other leading brands to enhance capabilities across companies and regulatory authorities so that safety decisions for cosmetics can be made without demands for new animal testing. Givaudan has also pledged to contribute to real-world case studies in animal-free safety assessment and participate in AFSA advocacy efforts to overcome barriers to the acceptance of alternatives to animal testing by chemical regulators in the European Union and beyond.

Greg Adamson, Givaudan's head of Fragrance & Beauty Global Regulatory Affairs and Product Safety, said, “Givaudan has been working to develop non-animal testing methods for many years and only conducts animal testing when required to do so by government regulations. We are proud of our contribution in driving change to date and, as an industry, it’s crucial that we work together to end the practice of animal testing for fragrances and cosmetics. We’re confident that collaborations with Humane Society International and other committed partners will accelerate the transition to alternative approaches to animal testing for cosmetics. It’s a future that we at Givaudan are committed to in line with our company purpose.”

Troy Seidle, HSI vice president for Research & Toxicology, said, “The scientific and ethical imperative to transition to non-animal test approaches compels companies and NGOs to work collaboratively towards a common goal. So, we couldn’t be more pleased to welcome Givaudan to the Animal-Free Safety Assessment collaboration. Givaudan’s expertise and experience will provide a significant boost to our efforts to abolish the use of animals in cosmetic animal testing. Other socially conscious brands are encouraged to join with HSI and our partners in supporting meaningful change to usher in a new era of animal-free safety testing.”

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